Accessing the AP on its default IP


Accessing the AP on its default IP


How to Access the AP on its default IP ?


Hard reset:
- Press and hold the button which says hard rest within a tiny circular hole for 10 to 12 seconds
- During the entire time you press and hold the hard reset button the device should not reboot, only once you release the button the AP should reboot, which means your factory reset procedure was correct.

Accessing the AP:
- Now hard-wire a laptop to the AP and make sure you assign a static IP on the local area connection in the range of 192.168.0.X/ gateway can be empty, Example:
- Once you assign the IP address check if you can do a continuous ping to the default IP of the AP which
- If you are unable to ping check by swapping the Ethernet cables, PC or the ports in AP
- If you are able to ping but unable to access the GUI of AP, try using alternate browsers

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