Unable to dowload Software Files from Support Portal.


I registered for an account on Support Portal and logged in. I get a warning message that I need Premium access, when I try to download Software Files from Support Portal. Can't see all products in support portal.


Unable to dowload Software Files from Support Portal. Can't see all products in support portal.

Customer Environment

All Customers on Support Portal.

Root Cause

The account does not have proper entitlement set. This could be due to no contract, no warranty, or no devices with warranty/contract associated with the account.


For any other concerns, please contact Ruckus Customer Support.


New! If you want to upgrade the Software/Firmware on an AP only (i.e. are not using a ZoneDirector), we've recently improved this process so you do not need a login to our support portal. Just follow these simple steps for upgrading using the Local option after downloading the AP firmware from our FTP server.

If you are a reseller and if there is an active contract on one of the product which belongs to you or your end users, then you should have Premium Access on the Support Portal.

If you get Premium Error, please contact Ruckus Customer Support.

If you are trying to activate support for one of your customers - this is normally automatic, if you provided an email address of the customer while placing a PO and when we receive the order, we send an activation email to that address which allows the customer to register for an account on support.ruckwireless.com

If you are an end-user trying to get software updates during your 5 months limited software warranty from the date of shipment in Ruckus Records: 
You can elevate your account to Premium status during your 5 months software warranty (Warranty starts from the day Ruckus ship the unit to the Distributor) by Registering Your Products For Warranty. This will provide full access to the site for the remainder of your warranty.

If you have purchased a support contract and logged in, but get a warning when you try to download Firmware Files for your ZD/vSZ/SCG/SZ or access certain KB articles, then this is an indication that we don't have your login account properly associated with your devices and the associated entitlement permissions. 

*Ideally, when you purchased support, and if your reseller has provided your email address while placing the Order. A Support Purchase Acknowledgement (SPA) email containing a link to register your account against your products will be sent to your email address. 

If you did not receive this email:
  1. Check to make sure that the Firewall is not blocking the email from @ruckuswireless.com.
  2. Check your junk/spam email folder.
  3. If you can't find the email, follow the instructions below for opening a case.

If you feel you have warranty or a contract for your devices and need access to software updates, unable to view the product under Asset Management and need Premium Knowledge Base access, please contact us with the following information:

Your account (login) name.
The serial number and model for any devices you would like associated with your account.
Sales Order or Purchase Order Number from Ruckus.
Support Activation code sent by Ruckus.
The name of your reseller.

We will respond as quickly as possible to get your account set up properly.

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