Support Programs for Ruckus Products

Technical Support Programs

Our worldwide team of highly experienced Ruckus Technical Support engineers offers quality, knowledgeable and responsive support. Our complete satisfaction goal and best-in-class support ensures customers the up-time their business requires to be competitive.

Ruckus world class support for Wireless and Wired Products

We are now offering two great support programs tailored to your business. WatchDog is designed for our enterprise, education and small-business customers. BullDog support is designed for the most demanding customers who rely on their Wi-Fi networks as fundamental to their businesses.

WatchDog Support Guide for Wired and Wireless Products

This Guide provides an overview of WatchDog Support for both Wired and Wireless Products.

WatchDog Support for ICX Switches

WatchDog support now applies to ICX switches. Learn more by downloading the support data sheet. 

Partner Support for Wireless Products

This Support Program is designed for Ruckus Partners with qualified technical support personnel who can provide support for Ruckus products. The Partners provide the Level 1 and the Level 2 support to end users.

End User Support for Wireless Products

This Support Program is designed for the Ruckus End Customers who want to receive the technical support directly from Ruckus. Partners can resell this support to End Customers, and rely on Ruckus to provide support.

End of Life Policy for Ruckus Products

The EOL policy applies to all Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex and SmartZone products (ZoneDirectors, ZoneFlex Access Points, SmartZone controllers, and FlexMaster Management System).

Warranty Policy and Software License Agreement for Ruckus Wireless and Switching Products

Ruckus Warranty and Software License Agreement

Ruckus products are covered by the warranty as described here. 

Warranty FAQs

For answers to frequently asked questions on the Ruckus Warranty, including which products are covered by the Standard or Limited Lifetime Warranty

Get Access and Support Policies

Some content is only available to Partner and End User Support customers. If you are a Support customer, please register to receive your login credentials. Software Upgrades are available only to contracted Support customers. To access the Support Forum, you can use the same login credential you receive through the Web registration process.

Support contracts must be attached to products promptly after sale, and support must be maintained continuously in order to ensure access to technical assistance and software upgrades. For more information on support policies, please click here.

More Info

For more information or to purchase the Partner Support Program, contact your Ruckus sales representative.

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