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Learn more about BullDog Support and whether it's right for your environment. 

BullDog support builds upon the foundation of Ruckus’ WatchDog offering by personalizing the experience for the customer. Customers gain consistency by interacting with designated resources who understand their particular environment and deployment details. The support experience becomes proactive, rather than reactive, with the assignment of a Customer Success Manager who helps ensure the Ruckus team stays ahead of your needs by understanding your plans, activities and environment.

BullDog support also provides a series of formal, structured deliverables that provide you with insight into the health and operation of your network. In addition to the standard deliverables, there are a series of optional, add-on services that customers can use to create an individualized support structure. 

BullDog support is best suited for larger, more complex customer deployments. If you’re interested in learning more about BullDog and its value, please engage your Ruckus account team or use the information request form on our Purchase Support page. 

BullDog Support Service Deliverables Standard Optional
Customer Success Management: Case Monitoring, Review Calls, Issue Reports, Business ReviewsX
Access to designated major account support teamX
24x7 Technical Support with accelerated response times X
Annual deployment review X
Advance replacement for controllers  X
Variable Parts Replacement SLAs X
Named or dedicated support engineer
Testing-as-a-service access
No-return/Secure Uplift RMA Handling on Switches   X

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