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When upgrading Ruckus Access Points from the CLI you must use the indirect upgrade method that points to a control file in an FTP, TFTP or HTTP server.  The control file then indicates which image file to load.

A sample control file with the image file name and actual bytes size on the disk:



Place both the control file and image file in the root of the FTP/TFTP server

The upgrade can be done from the AP SSH/CLI using the fw command group: 
rkscli: fw set
Usage: fw auto [enable|disable] 
Usage: fw check [image1|image2|all] 
Usage: fw show [image1|image2|all|custom] 
Usage: fw update [custom] [<host>] 
Usage: fw force-update [custom] [<host>] 
Usage: fw set <parameter> <value> 
- control <filename> 
- proto [tftp|ftp|http] 
- port <port>, ** 0 for auto 
- host <hostname/IP> 
- user <username> 
- password <password> 
- firstcheck <time in min> 
- interval <time in min> 
- badfile_retry <time in min> 
- reboot <hour> [am|pm] 
** i.e. reboot 10 am, reboot 0 to ANY 
** Note time is in London/GMT 
To use the CLI each parameter is first set, then the upgrade performed. 
fw set control zf7962_912_cntrl.rcks
fw set proto tftp 
fw set port 69
fw set host <TFTP IP address>
Note: if using FTP (recommended for reliabiltiy) you need the FTP user name and password
fw set user <FTP Username>
fw set password <Password>

To verify settings:

fw show
After setting the parameters  please run the below command.
fw up 
Finally you need to reboot for the new firmware to load and run (either way it is upgraded, from WEB UI or CLI). 

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