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Information on Ruckus Security policies


Where can customers find information on Ruckus Security policies and Vulnerability reporting?


Where can I find more information on Ruckus Security policies?

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We have two areas on the website describing Security policies:
LocationContent is a general overview of our security policies and information on how to report a vulnerability. No login is required. has the most up-to-date information and is the location where we first post information. It is available to premium support customers only and requires a valid login with support contract.
RUCKUS Security Policy Requires customers to provide a minimum of following information which is not limited to, in order to report a security issue :

[1]Detailed description of the issue

[2]Details Information to reproduce the issue for the reported CVE and/or Tools used with details to confirm impact of the CVE along with the results.

[3] Technical contact for follow-up

[4] List of Ruckus products / software version(s) affected as per customer 

[5] Logs or any other helpful information

Please refer to the following link for RUCKUS Security incident response policy and the Lifecycle of reported Security issue :


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