How to register a New User in Ruckus Support portal


How to register a New User in Ruckus Support portal


How do I register on

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If you are a brand new user and have never "signed up" at the Ruckus support site, then please follow the below steps to sign up

  • Please go to

  • Fill out the registration form, accept the Terms of UsePrivacy Policy and Software License Agreement and click on Register

    User-added image

  • ?Now, the registration confirmation email from Ruckus ( is sent to the above registered email address

    User-added image

  • ?Click on Confirm Email

    User-added image

  •  This will take you back to the login page, where you need to enter your username (Email) and password and then click on Login

    User-added image

  • At this point you are a Guest user to our site. Welcome user!

    User-added image


  • To get Premium access to Ruckus Support portal, you need to have either

  1. An active support contract, Or
  2. A newly purchased product which still has the initial 5 months software warranty*. Registering a product which is still under its 5 months software warranty, gives you a full access to the support site for a limited time.

Also existing user's from your account can add/invite you to Support Portal. Please refer article 000003775 for the step's to be followed.

If you have purchased support contract on the device(s), please refer article 000008284 to activate it.

If you have purchased new devices, register them by following the steps mentioned in article 000002007.
Note: You can register all of your products, even those out of warranty.

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