Bonjour functionality and role of a ZoneDirector as a Bonjour Gateway


This article talks about Bonjour query, response and how a ZoneDirector provides this service when the Bonjour services are hosted on a different subnet.


How does the Bonjour work? What is the role of ZD as a Bonjour Gateway?

Customer Environment

Customer has multi subnet network. He has Bonjour services hosted on one subnet and would like to browse and use those services from a different subnet.

Root Cause

ZoneDirector should act as a Bonjour Gateway to enable cross subnet browsing of services. These include streaming of audio, video, presentations, printing, etc.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Bonjour uses query, response methodology.
2. When an iOS or Mac OS X devices is turned on it will query for a list of services such as AirPlay, AirPrint, etc.
3. If there is a Apple TV or a printer they will respond to those queries.
4. User of the iOS or Mac OS X device can see the availability of those services and can utilize them when required.

By default such mDNS services won't be available outside the subnet. It is not cost effective for an organization to install Apple TVs on each subnet. ZD's Bonjour Gateway functionality comes handy for deployment scenarios like this. An admin can configure rules on a ZD to make Bonjour services available on one subnet to a desired subnet. Here is how it works:
1. ZD will query for services on each subnet that are configured by the admin. Basically there won't be queires from ZD unless an admin explicitly configures corresponding rules.
2. When an Apple TV or a AirPrint server responds to those services, ZD will make a note of those services as available.
3. When a iPad to queries for those services from a different subnet and it fits the rule, ZD will respond to the querier.

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August 18, 2020 03:52 AM (about 3 years ago)

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