Reasons for APs failing to join ZD


Possible reasons for an AP failure to join the ZD and troubleshooting steps to be taken to address them.


Why does aRuckus AP fail to join the intended ZoneDirector?

Customer Environment

ZoneDirector managed wireless network.

Troubleshooting Steps

Here are the troubleshooting steps for each of the problems listed:

1. Lack of IP on the AP
Ensure AP has a valid IP address and it can at least ping its local gateway

2. Reachability between AP and ZD
If the AP and ZD are separated by a WAN network or separate VLANs within a campus, ensure network access is permitted and working between the network.

3. Wrong ZD IP
Whether ZD IP is manually typed in or automatically provided via DHCP Option 43 or via DNS mapping, please make sure the ZD IP isn't wrong. This can be verified by typing "get director" command at the AP. Please also ping the ZD IP seen from this command's output.

4. Mismatch in country codes
Ensure ZD and APs are using compatible country codes. For example, APs with US country code will not join a ZD with Germany country code. US country code is locked at the factory and it can not be changed in the field.

5. Firewall and MTU limitations
Ensure firewall is not blocking LWAPP traffic or any ports required for AP, ZD communications. Please also ensure MTU value is set to 1500 bytes or higher all along the network. If the values can't be adjusted on these routers for any reason, lower the Tunnel MTU setting value on the ZoneDirector (this is in the Access Point Policies section on the Access Points configuration page).

6. ISP quotas based on traffic type
By default LWAPP traffic between ZD and APs uses ToS bits corresponding to Voice traffic type. Its quite possible that an ISP may be restricting how much voice data can be transmitted per month. If this limit can't be raised, consider changing the setting on the ZD side. Article # 2533 explains how to do this (URL

7. AP auto approval is disabled
Check this setting under the Access Point Policies section on the Access Points configuration page.

8. Switch does not allow EtherType traffic 0x88bb
Ensure the switch APs and ZD are connected to permits traffic with EtherType 0x88bb. This is the EtherType used by the LWAPP traffic.


If none of the Troubleshooting steps help, collect corresponding AP support info and ZD debug logs and open a case with Ruckus Wireless Technical Support.

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