When will a Root AP transition into Mesh AP state?


This article talks about when a RAP will transition into a MAP and vice versa.


When will a Root AP transition into Mesh AP and vice versa?

Customer Environment

ZoneDirector managed mesh enabled wireless network.

Root Cause

Cabling issues or switch issues.

Troubleshooting Steps

1, Check the cabling
2. Move to a different port on the switch
3. Check uplink on the switch
4. Set the mesh mode of the AP to root instead of the auto setting (under the Configure --> Access Points --> Edit AP)
5. Try a different root AP on the same switch port


Mesh enabled Ruckus APs continuously check network reachability via their Ethernet interface. This is done through sending a unicast ARP message at 1 second interval to the gateway and ZoneDirector (it alternates between ZD and the gateway for every second). If a response is received, it will tell the AP that it has network connection via its Ethernet interface. A mesh enabled AP can stay as Root as long as this is true.
If there is no response for 30 seconds at a stretch, the Root AP will try to become either a Mesh AP or a eMesh AP.
First it checks if there are any other APs on the same Ethernet (L2) segment. If there are, APs will negotiate to reach consensus. Whoever has the best wireless uplink will become a Mesh AP while rest become eMesh APs.
If there are no other APs on the L2 segment, the AP will connect to the best AP to become a Mesh AP.

While acting as a Mesh AP, the AP continues to check network reachability via its Ethernet interface using unicast ARPs to the gateway and the ZD. If there is a response, it will bring down the wireless interface and will become a Root AP again.

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