Can I setup Ruckus Unleashed network remotely?


The initial configuration of the Unleashed Master AP *requires* that the user be connected wirelessly to the AP's Configure.Me-XXYYZZ SSID.


Can I setup a Ruckus Unleashed network remotely?

Customer Environment

SMB customer deploying Ruckus Unleashed controller-less wireless network, may have satellite offices that need APs.

Root Cause

The configuration of the initial Master AP for a Ruckus Unleashed network *requires* that the user be connected to the AP's Configure.Me-XXYYZZ SSID.

Troubleshooting Steps

Customers can identify IP address of Ruckus Unleashed AP(s) from DHCP lease table, and may attempt to access and configure it with HTTPS.

You can get an initial setup screen, but cannot get past the initial configured screen without being connected to the AP's Configure.Me-XXYYZZ SSID

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The point and purpose of this article is to explain that the network administrator cannot be remote from the site where the *initial* Ruckus Unleashed Master AP is configured, and will need to configure via a wireless connection.

1.  Ruckus Unleashed networking has been simplified for quick and easy deployment and management, but requires that the first AP setup, which will become the Master AP, needs to be configured wirelessly, thru the AP's Configure.Me-XXYYZZ SSID that a factory defaulted AP running Ruckus Unleashed firmware will advertise.

Once connected to a customer LAN with an active DHCP server, a Ruckus Unleashed AP will get it's IP from the DHCP scope.  The customer does not need to find it's IP address from the DHCP lease table in order to use HTTPS for configuration, but does need to know the last half of the AP MAC Address. 

Users *must* configure the *initial* Ruckus Unleashed Master AP through it's wireless Configure.Me-XXYYZZ SSID, where XXYYZZ correspond to the last half of the AP MAC address.
ie.  AP MAC = 58:B6:33:01:D5:10 would advertise it's default setup SSID of Configure.Me-01D510.

Once connected to this Open SSID, opening a browser to '' URL will take you to the AP's setup wizard.

If not connected wirelessly, the wizard will not continue after trying to click Next on this screen.

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2.  Once the Ruckus Unleashed Master AP *has* been configured, additional Unleashed APs added to the Layer2 VLAN will automatically recognize the Master AP's existence, and will become Member APs (all but Mesh APs are eligible to become Master) in the Unleashed network.

Regarding remote/satellite office deployments, if a company admin has setup up the Ruckus Unleashed Master AP, and extends the Layer2 VLAN to remote/satellite offices, new Unleashed APs installed there will automatically connect to the network.  (only L2 currently)

See the helpful YouTube video on this topic here: 


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