Unleashed: How to check for and Upgrade to latest Release?


Administrators can check to see if they are running the latest Release, and execute a Network upgrade.


Unleashed: How to check for and Upgrade to latest Release

Customer Environment

Unleashed controller-less wireless network, (initial GA 200.1 release delivered on shipped APs).

Root Cause

Ruckus will occasionally update Unleashed Cloud server version with maintenance releases. The current Unleashed network version can be displayed, with potential upgrade release option.

Troubleshooting Steps

On the Unleashed Master AP, go to System & Admin (Admin&Services in later releases), Administer, Upgrade page.

Current Software version and Supported AP models are displayed.  Click Upgrade button.

A message "Requesting to update image" appears, with From version and To version info.

If the versions match, you are running the current Unleashed version.

If they differ, you will see similar to "Requesting to update image (from version

You can click OK, to initiate an upgrade to all Unleashed APs in the network. 

While running 200.1 image, and click the Upgrade button on the WebUI of the Master AP,
the Master AP will notify all individual AP to contact the image server to upgrade its image.
And, the Master will do the same itself.

Note: They will continue to service clients during version check, but there will be a brief outage
when they reboot to the new version firmware.



If the versions in the "Requesting to update image" From and To images are different,
plan and schedule a change management period to perform a network upgrade.  (15-30min)

Click OK when ready, and the Master AP (first) and all Unleashed Member APs will be upgraded
to the current Unleashed version. 

All new APs on previous versions, will also upgrade to the new current Unleashed version.

For further information, see Online Help administration guide link, in top/right corner of Master AP
WebUI page (Admin, Help, Logout).


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