Unleashed AP not registering with Master AP.


Unleashed AP not able to join existing Master AP. The resolution is also applicable for ZD managed AP's running firmware version 9.9.x and later releases.


Why Unleashed member AP could not join Master?

Customer Environment

Managing unleashed network. AP's running firmware version ZD managed AP's running firmware version 9.9.x and later releases.

Root Cause

'Discovery-Agent' disabled in the member AP or firmware is not running on 200.x

Troubleshooting Steps

Need to follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps.
  • All the AP's should be configured in same subnet for auto join, if member AP is running on differnt subnet, manually need to set the current master IP address IP, in member AP.
              set director ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or Unleashed-FQDN
              Where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the current master AP.
  • Make sure to manage all the AP's in same firmware version (Member AP firmware should be =< Current master AP firmware).
  • The country code on all the AP's should be same. To verify, run "get boarddata" command from AP CLI.
  • Login to member AP CLI (SSH), execute 'get discovery-agent' to check the status of 'Discovery Agent'.


  • Enabled 'discovery-agent' from AP CLI. 
  • Execute command 'set discovery-agent enable'. The AP should start sending out discovery packets and join the ZD/Master AP.
  • APs should be on same subnet or need to manually point the AP or use DHCP option 43
  • Any new AP joining Unleashed should be on 200.x firmware.
  • Member AP firmware should be same or lower than master AP.

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October 16, 2019 09:53 AM (over 4 years ago)

Configuration, Troubleshooting, Unleashed, ZoneDirector 1200, R710


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