Convert Standalone/SZ/ZD managed AP to Unleashed Code


Steps needed to convert a Standalone or SZ/ZD managed AP to Unleashed Firmware


Can I convert a Standalone or SZ/ZD managed AP to become an Unleashed AP?

Customer Environment

Customer with standalone AP (part number starts with 901) and wants to convert it to evaluate Unleashed (part number starts with 9U1). *Note: Also applies to Ruckus Cloud EAP customers with supported model APs that do not have Unleashed versions (ie. R710 that runs 100.2.x Solo AP image, which unlike Unleashed can connect to SZ/ZD controllers on the same network).

Root Cause

Customers who purchase standard 901 Ruckus APs, might want to evaluate Unleashed features/functions before ordering 9U1 Unleashed APs.


The steps outlined in this procedure can also be used to recover Ruckus Cloud APs which do not have Unleashed firmware (base image for Unleashed or Ruckus Cloud), and were recognized by SZ/ZD controllers on the LAN. 


Ruckus recommends purchasing Unleashed (9U1) ordering part number APs, if you want to use Unleashed features/functions.
All APs requiring RMA will be replaced by matching original SKU products.  But for "evaluation purposes", CU can follow the
steps below to apply Unleashed to a Standalone/Solo image AP.

1.  Obtain the correct unleashed image onto your PC for your AP model at

2.  Connect PC and AP - You will need to power the AP externally via a power adapter or via an inline power injector and connect AP to PC
via Ethernet cable, or with a PoE switch powering the AP and only your PC device connected.

3.  Factory default the AP by holding in the reset button for 10 seconds. This will reset the APs IP address to

4.  Configure a 192.168.0.x (other than .1) on the PC Ethernet interface:
     -  Go to the start button on your PC and click on control panel.
     -  Click on Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing center.
     -  On the next screen click on "Change Adapter Settings".
     -  On the next screen Right mouse click on the Ethernet adapter and then choose "Properties".
     -  On the next window scroll down to "Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)" and double-click, to bring up the next window.
     -  Change the setting from "Obtain an IP address automatically" to "Use the following IP address".
     -  In the next line down enter the IP address and use a subnet mask of, and click OK.
        (Remember to change the auto IP address setting back when done working with the AP).

5.  If AP is powered up you should be able to point a browser to and get a connection. In case you could not get access to the UI, please SSH into the AP CLI using its default IP and enable HTTP/HTTPS
rkscli#set http enable
rkscli#set https enable

6.  Log in using the default username and password (super/sp-admin).

7.  Navigate to the Maintenence::Upgrade page,

8.  Click on the "Local" Upgrade Method, and browse to where you have the 200.x.x.x image loaded and then click the  "Upgrade" button.

9.  Once AP is upgraded to the Unleashed firmware. Perform a factory reset to clean RPM Keys of Solo firmware version from the Access point and reboot the AP.

The AP will then load code and after rebooting you should next see the Unleashed screen. Follow the instructions for setting up Unleashed

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