How to force Standby-Master Role in Unleashed


Unleashed Master / Standby role assignment is dynamic, not manually configured. AP CLI feature configuration is possible


Is it possible to change the Standby-Master Role of Unleashed AP?

Customer Environment

Unleashed AP network, Cluster, Standby-Master, Member AP's

Troubleshooting Steps

Unleashed network will dynamically choose Master and Standby AP, all others as Member APs.

To test Master AP failover to Standby AP, disconnect Master AP power or disconnect Master AP eth cable.
Standby AP will assume responsibility for WLANs, DHCP, etc.

Do Not "Restart" the Master AP from Unleashed WebUI, or it will restart the entire Unleashed network...


Unleashed network is designed to select the Standby-Master automatically. Hence, there is no
configuration or force option to choose the Standby role AP.

However CU *can* (ie for test purpose) set the role as Master or Member AP using below CLI command:

rkscli: set election
Usage: set election {options}
                 -> debug <0~0x0xFFFFF>
                 -> role <0:Member 2:Master 3:clear>

If you want to fix AP election role as Member, you can input  “set election role 0”
If you want to set Auto AP role election, you would input “set election role 3”
Default status is Auto election.

Starting from 200.7 version, role change commands are different for member APs, as Preferred master option introduced on GUI, please refer below.

User-added image

rkscli: get version
Ruckus T300 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP
rkscli: set election
Usage: set election {options}
                 -> debug <1=ERROR 2=WARN 4=INFO 8=DEBUG
                 -> role <0=Clear 1=Member>

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August 12, 2020 04:08 AM (almost 4 years ago)

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