Activating ICX 7250 PREM licenses


Article has got steps to activate PREM licenses on ICX switch


What are the steps to activate ICX 7250 PREM license?

Customer Environment

Customers using Ruckus ICX 7250 switch


In case of any further queries, please contact Ruckus Customer Support for further assistance.


ICX 7250 PREM license activation code starts with DVX (eg DVX-11111111-ABC-BCA-EYZ). Once the activation is completed, the license code gets mapped to the End-user account (unique Ruckus numeric ID for the account) under which the order was activated.

The license code is activated in the Ruckus Support portal. The steps to activate the code are:

STEP 1. The entire license code (eg DVX-11111111-ABC-BCA-EYZ) has to be entered in the activation page and click on the "Validate" button

Activation Page

STEP 2. The next page displays the type of license processed under the order. Review the code and click on the checkbox to Accept Terms & Condition. Then click on Activate Purchase button to generate the ICX 7250 PREM license

Agreement Page

STEP 3. On the page that appears next, we get two links. 
  1. Link to download the XML file required to enable PREM license feature on ICX 7250 running 08.0.7 or lower 

  2. CoE (Certificate of Entitlement) authorization for the customer to enable PREM license feature on ICX 7250 running 08.0.8 or higher

    ICX 7250 PREM license download

Q. How can I download the PREM license at a later time?

The activated licenses are also available under Download License link in the Ruckus Support portal homepage.?????

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