What are the steps to activate ICX 7250 POD license?


Article has got steps to activate POD licenses


What are the steps to activate ICX 7250 POD license?

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The steps to activate the 2x10G and  8X10G POD license are the same. The activation codes for Ruckus ICX 7250 2x10G POD start with DVV and for 8x10G POD start with DVW. These are node-locked licenses, which means that when activated, the licenses get associated with a switch serial number. 

Requirements to activate ICX 7250 2x10G POD licenses :
  1. Valid license activation code in the format DVV-11111111-ABC-BCA-EYZ

  2. The serial number of the ICX 7250 switch for which the license is for

Requirements to activate ICX 7250 8x10G POD licenses 
  1. Valid license activation code in the format DVW-11111111-ABC-BCA-EYZ

  2. The serial number of the ICX 7250 switch which already has an active 2x10G POD license on it. We can verify the license status on the switch at https://support.ruckuswireless.com/asset/xxxxxxxxxx (xxxxx  to be replaced by the serial number of the switch)

STEP 1. The entire license code (eg DVV-11111111-ABC-BCA-EYZ) has to be entered in the activation page and then click on the Validate button

Activation Page 2x10G POD

STEP 2. The next page displays the type of license processed under the order. Review the code and click on the checkbox to Accept & Condition. Then process to click on the Activate Purchase button and map the ICX 7250 2x10G POD ( or 8X10G POD) license to the switch serial number

2x10G Agreement

STEP 3. Enter the serial number of ICX 7250 switch for which the 2x10G POD (or the 8x10G POD) license is to be generated and click on Validate Serial Number button

Enter serial number 2x10G

STEP 4. Verify and Confirm the Serial Number of the switch, the Activation code, and the License Type. Once confirmed, click on Bind License to Device button
Note: It will take a few minutes for the license server to map the activation code to the serial number and load the next page

ICX 7250 2x10G POD Confirm SN

STEP 5. The page which confirms the 2x10G POD (or 8X10G POD) successful license activation is opened, along with the link to download the license file (XML for 0.8.07 or lower and CoE for 08.0.8 or higher).

ICX 7250 2x10G POD mapped edit

IMPORTANT: The POD licenses are always available for download from the Ruckus Support portal. Please use the link: https://support.ruckuswireless.com/asset/xxxxxxxxxx (xxxxx to be replaced by the Serial number of the switch)

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