How to factory reset different Zone Director models


This article explains factory reset procedure for all the ZD models.


How to factory default different ZoneDirector models using physical button?

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As of Jan 2020, Ruckus has total 5 Zone Director products, out of which 4 are EOL (end of life) ZD1000, ZD1100, ZD3000 and ZD5000. Only ZD1200 is still offered to purchase.

Procedure to factory reset (factory default/hard reset) is same for all the models, except physical design of each controller is different. So here we are providing the procedure for all ZD models.

1- Identify your ZD model.
2- Find the physical button
  - For ZD1200/ZD3000 find the physical 'FD' button hole in the front panel of the ZD.
  - For ZD 1000/1100 find the Reset button hole.
  - For ZD5000, it is just below the power button in front panel.
3- Make sure ZD is powered On while you perform factory reset.
4- Take a paper clip, push and hold the FD button (For ZD1000/ZD1100 push and hold reset button) for 10-12 seconds (10 seconds is the factory default trigger time but we recommend to hold it for at least 12 seconds) and then release the button.
5- After reset is complete, the Status LED blinks red, then blinks green, indicating that the system is in factory default state (if you see a solid red LED for too long, say more than 10 minutes, then this indicates hardware failure and you may need to replace the device).
6- Factory reset completed.

Physical front panel of each ZD looks like below, and you can find the FD or reset button highlighted in below pictures.


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