Recover.Me Issue / Steps Troubleshooting (Unleashed)


How to deal with Recover.Me when the client only sees this on the WiFi connections. The Configure.Me or the current SSID disappears


How to fix Recover.Me?

Customer Environment

With or without changes on the house or company environment, the Recover.Me option starts to show up on the WiFi connections as SSID This happens in the Access Points of any kind usually there is a change of Service Provider when the AP loses communication with the Gateway or in other strange scenarios when a power outage or an electrical issue is presented.

Root Cause

- Change of Service Provider (ISP) - Lost communication with Gateway - Wrong Connectivity between the devices


The Recover.Me is showing on the WiFi Connections or as SSID and it is not possible to connect to the Internet any device

Troubleshooting Steps


To start working on this kind of environment it is important first to start reviewing some details before any change on the devices to understand if any detail can lead to the current issue:

1- Start reviewing details like the following:

  A- Any change of Service Provider (ISP)?
  B- Any change in the Unleashed Configuration? Any alert on the Unleashed Dashboard

  C- Are you using Mesh Configuration for the Access Points?  

- - Incorrect device provided (by the Service Provider) can lead to this issue with Recover.Me or wrong connection with the Switch (incorrect port connection).

- - Mesh Configuration can lead to Recover.Me due to isolation (unable to connect to the Master AP through either the Ethernet or wireless mesh interface).

One way to identify on a Mesh which AP has the issue is with The Recover.Me SSID that includes the last six digits of the AP's MAC address (format: "") so that you can identify which Mesh AP is having issues.

2- If there was a change of Service Provider it is important to review the connectivity. First on the Modem/Router and then the Ruckus Switch. Review the connections between the devices that are set properly.

3- Try to login to the Mesh AP (the one that shows on the WiFi connections) using the Serial Number as a Password on the Recover.Me network broadcasting

Final Step:

The best solution after checking everything is working fine and the main issue is located on the Access Points and not any wrong connectivity, it is to Hard Reset the Access Point to configure the network again.

- If this happens in an environment with many Access Points, usually a company is better to have a backup the configuration before any Hard Reset

Extra Detail for Troubleshooting when there is an isolated Mesh AP issue with Recover.Me is to connect to the "Recover.Me" SSID and SSH to the AP's CLI. Once connected, log in using the Unleashed network's user name and password and perform troubleshooting tasks such as checking that the Mesh Name and Mesh Password match those in the Unleashed Master AP's web interface, saving debug info, and checking other configuration settings.


The options provided on the Troubleshooting Steps should fix the issue with the Recover.Me

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December 23, 2020 10:06 AM (over 3 years ago)

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