SZ license transfer post RMA


This article explains the process of license transfer from defective SZ to replacement SZ


How to transfer license transfer from defective SZ to replacement SZ

Customer Environment

Smart Zone


  • Customer has deployed controller (any of SCG-200/SZ) nodes in a cluster configuration.
  • In SCG-200/SZ-100 cluster environment, AP licenses are pooled between all nodes in a cluster. If a node fails, the AP licenses remain active for other nodes for 45 days permitting time to RMA the failed node.
  • License do not transfer from defective to replacement automatically and requires intervention of customer or support to assign licenses..


For any other queries please contact Customer Support.


Step#1 Register replacement SZ series in Ruckus support portal-->LiMan please refer article 000005318

??????Resolution 1: Licenses are manually transferred from defective(leader node) to follower node using LiMan (in Ruckus Support portal) prior to processing. Once the replacement unit is received by customer, configure replacement as follower and license pooling comes into effect. 

Article to refer for steps on how to transfer license between controller:
LiMAN License Transfer on a vSZ/SZ/SCI/vSPoT 

Resolution 2: Licenses are mapped to failed (leader node) and follower node is function in SR (Smart redundancy mode), here the AP will stay connected to follower for 45 days. 
Customer has to contact Ruckus support to manually move licenses from faulty to replacement SZ

Resolution 3: Failed (leader node) does not have AP capacity license only has active support contract, in this scenario no action is required as the support contract will automatically transfer to replacement SZ

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July 14, 2023 08:36 AM (9 months ago)

Support License Activation, Registration, SZ144, SZ144 D, SZ300, SZ100D, SCG200, SZ100


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