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Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Mobile Apps - v1.0.18 GA Release Notes (Apple iOS)

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Mobile Apps - v1.0.18 GA Release Notes (Apple iOS).

Firmware available from Apple App Store.

2018-03-06 06:41:40 PM
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Ruckus Cloud Mobile Apps

Introducing Ruckus Cloud Mobile App manage your Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi enabled network.


Managing a Ruckus Cloud WLAN network has never been easier. Whether you are a SMB store owner, or a School District IT manager, you have 1 AP or 100, the WLAN network can be set up, monitored or even quick updates could be made with simple clicks on your mobile phone. 

Add APs to your network by simply scanning the serial number, insert text or image ads into your guest Wi-Fi page at any time and as many number of times as you like, unblock a guest Wi-Fi user who has just consumed the free Wi-Fi limits, get notified when AP status changes - the use cases are limitless. And, we are just getting started. 

Welcome to the Ruckus Cloud family !

Ruckus Cloud Mobile Apps are available on Android and iOS platforms.

Click here for Android via the Google Play Store

Click here for iOS via the Apple App Store

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