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RUCKUS Speedflex Mobile App v2.19.6 MR Release Notes (for Android)

RUCKUS Speedflex Mobile App v2.19.6 MR Release Notes (for Android) 

SpeedFlex wireless performance tool for network throughput testing between clients and Ruckus ZoneFlex AP, or ZoneDirector / SmartCell Gateway / SmartZone controller on Android platform.

You can now directly download the app from the Google Play Store.

2022-09-16 02:08:35 PM
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SpeedFlex is a wireless performance testing tool. Based on the open source performance test tool, SpeedFlex, this comprehensive yet easy to use application from Ruckus gives users a simple way to collect site performance data. It can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment. Simply connect to a SpeedFlex server – such as a Ruckus ZoneFlex AP or ZoneDirector - and you can instantly test network throughput. Easily capture real time through put, packet loss and site data. Take pictures and send an email with the results packaged in a PDF. For more info, including download app, click here

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