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ZD3000 (MR1 Refresh3) Software Release

ZoneFlex (MR1 Refresh3) Software Release for ZD3000.

Please read the Release Notes before upgrading. Read it now*

*Note that early models of Ruckus APs are no longer supported.

New model E510 and T310 Series AP is now supported.

2018-10-08 02:38:31 PM
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ZD3000 (MR1 Refresh3) Software Release

ZoneDirector 3000

ZoneDirector 3000 Product Family

NOTE: ZoneDirector software upgrade is available only to the Premium Support or Software Upgrade Support customers with valid login credentials. If you are a Premium Support or Software Upgrade Support Customer, you can create a login credential Here.

Please read the Release Notes before deploying any new ZoneDirector software to be sure your current AP models are all supported.

Customers with 7962/7762/7025 model AP recommended release is, found Here.

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