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Ruckus IoT (GA) vRIoT Server Software Release (.tar.gz upgrade image)

Ruckus IoT (GA) vRIoT Server Software Release for HyperVisor.

This image is compatible with current SmartZone 5.2.1 (GA) software release.

STOP and READ before ugrading to 1.6
Downgrade from to a lower version is not supported

IoT Controller Licensing
Starting from Release 1.5 onwards IOT controller require the following licenses to operate:
- IOT AP Capacity Licenses
- Support Licenses

IoT Controller Harddisk Resize

In the default IoT Controller's HDD size is increased to 20GB. In pre-1.5 version the size is just 8GB. So before upgrading to, customer is expected to increase the HDD to exactly 20GB (less than or more than 20GB will lead to failure during upgrade).

Please read the RUCKUS IoT 1.6.0 (GA) Release Notes for upgrade path, supported AP models, compatible controller software, new features, and additional guidance about this release. 

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Ruckus IoT (GA) vRIoT Server Software Release (.tar.gz upgrade image)

Ruckus IoT Module

Ruckus IoT Modules are Radio or Radio-and-Sensor devices that connect to a Ruckus IoT-Ready AP to enable endpoint connectivity based on standards such as Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), ZigBee and LoRa.

Review all Ruckus IoT product offerings and descriptions on our corporate page Here.

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