What are Ruckus' Support Offerings?


Describes the types of Support Contracts available for Ruckus controllers and APs


What support programs does Ruckus offer?

Customer Environment

Enterprise, SLED, Hospitality customers


Ruckus offers the following WatchDog support programs, designed to meet the needs of Enterprise, Education, Hospitality, and many other customers. 

801/821/S01/S21: Watchdog End-User Premium Support

WatchDog End-User Premium Support provides the safety net to ensure your network availability remains high and outages are minimized. Ruckus will answer your questions, assist with product configuration, diagnose issues, help identify interoperability problems with other products, and facilitate repair or replacement of defective units. Key Premium Support attributes include:
  • 24X7 technical assistance by Ruckus Support Representatives
  • Ruckus case tracking, management and escalation processes apply
  • Hardware Advance Replacement for defective products with overnight delivery where available. Applies to physical Ruckus controllers only
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Full knowledge base access
Access to technical assistance is available via the Ruckus support portal, phone and chat (Contact US). This includes both service and RMA requests. Additionally, the support portal provides a full knowledge base to assist with your service request, forums to discuss items with your peers, software downloads, case and RMA history, and a view of your registered products.

802/822/S02/S22: WatchDog Partner Premium Support

WatchDog Partner Premium Support includes most of the key features of End User Premium Support. There are three primary differences:
  • The Partner is the only contact point for the End customer
  • The Partner is responsible for managing the request through resolution
  • Partners may offer additional services beyond the normal WatchDog program
Ruckus provides the following services to the Partner as needed
  • 24X7 technical assistance by Ruckus Support Representative
  • Ruckus case tracking, management and escalation processes are invoked
  • Hardware Advanced Replacement for defective products with overnight delivery where available, shipped directly to the end customer. This is only available for physical Ruckus controllers.
  • Software updates and upgrades directly available to the end customer via the support portal (Only if the PO has end customer name on it)
  • Full knowledge base access for the partner and end customer
803: WatchDog Hardware Advance Replacement and Redundancy SKUs

Hardware Advance Replacement (AR) support allows you to maximize network uptime by ensuring rapid delivery of replacement hardware in the event of a hardware failure.
This support can be purchased on the Backup controller and on all the controller connected AP's

806 (End User) and 807 (Partner): Standalone AP Support

These support offers are available for Access Points that are not connected to / managed by a controller. The support offers:
  • 24X7 technical assistance by Ruckus Support Representative
  • Ruckus Support Web access, phone and chat support.
  • Software updates and upgrades, as available
  • Advance Replacement on Access Points

806 RUNL (End user (No AR)): Unleashed AP Support

End User Unleashed Support delivers the following to ensure the reliability and functionality of Unleashed networks:
  • 24X7 technical assistance by Ruckus Support Representative
  • Software updates and upgrades, as available
  • Support web access to content and tools
  • This support does not offer Advance Hardware Replacement on Unleashed APs

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