What are the warranty terms for Ruckus products?


This article outlines warranty terms for Ruckus Products.


What are the warranty terms for Ruckus products?

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For the definitive documentation on Ruckus Warranty Terms and Conditions for Wired and Wireless products, please see the documents at: https://support.ruckuswireless.com/programs-warranty_registration:
  • Warranty and Software License Agreement terms
  • Warranty FAQs

Important notes and "general principles":

1) SmartZone physical controllers have a one-year warranty.

2) ZD controllers have a limited lifetime warranty.

3) Indoor Access Points have a limited lifetime warranty, Outdoor Access Points have a one-year warranty.

4) ICX switches have a limited lifetime warranty. The ICX warranty also entitles customers to software downloads. However, the ICX7150 C08PT (Extended Temp) models only have a 13 month warranty.

5) Warranty only applies to the original owner of the product, and doesn't cover environmental damage, misuse, and a variety of other exclusions that are explicitly mentioned in the document referenced above.

6) Equipment in NFR Kits purchased from Ruckus are only eligible for a 1 year warranty. As of July 1st, 2013, NFR Kits must be purchased with mandatory 1, 3 or 5 year WatchDog support on the ZoneDirector in the bundle.

7) CBRS/LTE products have a one-year hardware warranty and a 90-day software warranty.

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