How to Download Licenses from Ruckus Support Portal


How to Download Licenses from Ruckus Support Portal


How to download licenses from Support portal?

Customer Environment

Zone Director, Flexmaster,SCG <=3.1, SN specific licenses


If you receive an error message or are unable to download the license file, please contact Ruckus support team to open a case.


Follow the below instructions to download Hardware/SN specific licenses:
  1. Log in to Ruckus support portal -

  2. Click on Assets

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  3. Click on Hardware Summary

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  4. Search for the controller SN in the Search box

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  5. Click on SN

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    Note: If you do not find SN, please register it for the warranty by following the instructions mentioned in article 

  6. In the next screen, click on Download which is under Licenses -> Action tab.

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  7. You should have .lic file downloaded on your machine

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  8. Upload the same file on the controller under Administer -> License tab to ?increase the AP license count and to add additional AP's on the controller. Refer article 000002728 for step by step instructions.

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