What type of Licensing does my Controller use


Describes the types of licensing models and which controllers use them


What type of Licensing does my Controller use?

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To determine the controllers licensing type, you must first find out what model of the controller you have. If you are unsure of the controller model, you can find it either on the controller label or by logging into the GUI.

On Physical controllers, you can determine the model by either looking at its label or by logging into the controller’s UI. And,  
On Virtual controllers, you can determine the model by logging into the UI in a web browser and look at the model listed on the Dashboard

To find out how many AP licenses you currently have on the controller, you can do so by visiting https://support.ruckuswireless.com/asset/123456789012 (Replace 123456789012 with the controller SN)


Need more clarification, please contact Ruckus customer support (https://support.ruckuswireless.com/contact-us)


Below are the types of licensing available for Ruckus Controllers:
  • Traditional Licensing: Device-based non-transferable licenses. ZD and SCG<=3.1 follow traditional licensing concept
  • Smart Licensing: LiMAN / Cloud-based transferable licenses. Currently SZ and vSCG are managed via the LiMAN - Smart Licensing Manager (accessed through the Ruckus Support Website
Use the supplied table to determine which type of licensing your device uses, it's AP granularity (i.e. what is the minimum number of AP licenses you can purchase) and if the licenses can be transferred between the controllers.

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