How do we disable 11b clients on ZD and vSCG


This document explains the difference between ofdm-only and 11n only from a configuration perspective both on ZD and vSCG


How do I exclude 11b clients from joining and what's the difference between ofdm-only and 11n-only?

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ZD or AP environment with 11n and/or 11ac APs, 9.7-9.10 SW. 11b client environment and want to exclude c11b connections.

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Here's the difference between OFDM-only and 11n-only:

- OFDM only excludes 11b clients from connecting to the WLAN.
- OFDM only configuration is done per WLAN at the CLI and not at the GUI.
- 11n only excludes 11b and 11g clients.
- 11n only configuration is done per AP group at the GUI (Configure / Access Points, Access Point Group) and can also be done through the CLI.

Configuration on the WLANs in ZD :

Here's the excerpt from the CLI for enabling OFDM only per WLAN.

ruckus(config)# wlan 1RUCCAT
The WLAN service '1RUCCAT' has been loaded. To save the WLAN service, type 'end' or 'exit'.
ruckus(config-wlan)# ofdm-only
The mgmt-tx-rate will be set to 6Mbps due to ofdm-only enable.
The command was executed successfully. To save the changes, type 'end' or 'exit'.
ruckus(config-wlan)# end
The WLAN service '1RUCCAT' has been updated and saved.
Your changes have been saved.

Make sure to do an "end" after the command for the command to take effect.  The command does not require a reboot for it to take effect.  Again, OFDM-only is only configurable per WLAN and not per AP Group.  You can also do OFDM-only per AP by logging in to the AP and following the following sequence.  Notice that we use wlan0 instead of 1RUCCAT for the configuration.  wlan0 and wlan32 will implement the change in both 2 and 5 GHz for 1RUCCAT wlan:

rkscli: get wlanlist
name          status   type   wlanID   radioID  bssid             ssid         
wlan0         up       AP     wlan0    0        2c:e6:cc:02:16:b8 1RUCCAT      
wlan100       up       MON    wlan100  0        00:00:00:00:00:00              
recovery-ssid down     AP     wlan102  0        00:00:00:00:00:00 island-0216B0
wlan32        up       AP     wlan32   1        2c:e6:cc:02:16:bc 1RUCCAT      
wlan101       down     MON    wlan101  1        00:00:00:00:00:00              
recovery-ssid down     AP     wlan103  1        00:00:00:00:00:00 island-0216B0
rkscli: set ofdm-only wlan0 enable
rkscli: set ofdm-only wlan0 disable

Configuration on the WLANs in vSCG/vSZ :

- On vSZ, this option is available both in GUI and CLI.
- In the GUI of vSCG/vSZ, this can be configured under WLAN(Edit)> Advanced Options > OFDM-Only. ( This option should be enabled.)
- In the CLI, this option can be configured using the below commands.

Commands for vSZ-H : 

RuckusTAC-Node2(config)# domain Test-D 
RuckusTAC-Node2(config-domain)# zone Test-Z 
RuckusTAC-Node2(config-domain-zone)# wlan test123 
RuckusTAC-Node2(config-domain-zone-wlan)# ofdm-only 
The new mgmt-tx-rate: 6mbps 

Commands for vSZ-E : 

RuckusTAC-Node(config)# common-settings 
RuckusTAC-Node(config-common-settings)#wlan test123 
RuckusTAC-Node(config-common-settings-wlan)# ofdm-only 
The new mgmt-tx-rate: 6mbps 

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