How to create vSCG, SCI & vSPOT RMA on LiMAN Portal


Virtual RMA is used to transfer the RTU, Licenses and Support from old instance SN to new instance SN


How to create vSCG, SCI & vSPOT RMA on LiMAN Portal?

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In case of any difficulty during the RMA creation, contact Ruckus customer support


Whenever there is a change in UUID of VM instance OR if the existing VM Snapshot backup is installed on a different VM, a new SN gets generated.

So, it requires initiating RMA case to transfer all the licenses, support and the RTU from old instance SN to new instance SN.

Please follow the below steps to perform RMA on the virtaul SN.

  1. Login to Ruckus support portal:

  2. Click on LiMAN

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  3. In the next screen, you will find the instructions and also all the registered LiMAN serial numbers that are under your account

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  4. Find the correct SN which needs to be RMA’d

  5. Click on the RMA icon which is next to SN, under the tab Action

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  6. It takes you to the RMA creation page

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  7. Select vSCG/vSPoT as Case Type

    Note: You can use the same option to perform RMA on SCI

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  8. Enter the new SN in the New Serial Number box.?

    Note: SN is case sensitive, enter what you see on the GUI

    User-added image

    Before performing RMA, please do read the note which is mentioned in Red and just above the Submit button

    Note: Once this step has been completed, the old instance SN will lose its entire license and may cease operation

  9. Click on Submit

    This creates RMA case to transfer all the entitlements from old SN to new SN.
    In case, if you find any discrepancies with the licenses, RTU and/or support transfer, please get in touch with the support team ( by referring the RMA number.

  10.  RMA case results in addition of new SN and deletion of old SN from the LiMAN portal

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