LiMAN License Transfer on a vSZ/SZ/SCI/vSPoT


Article explains about transfer of LiMAN Licenses between the Virtual Controllers


How to transfer LiMAN Licenses between the Virtual Controllers?

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Some VM host operations such as adding memory, cpu or hard disk space may cause the serial number to change.

The new serial numbers need to be registered in the Liman license server and all licenses including RTU (Right to Use), AP capacity, Support entitlement need to be moved to the new Serial Number.
This can be accomplished using the License RMA process.


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Below are the step-wise procedure to Transfer LiMAN Licenses:
  1. Login to Ruckus Support Portal, using link:

  2. Click on LiMAN  > Smart Devices, you will be able to see the Serial Number of Controllers in your Account.

  3. Click on the device serial number from which you wish to remove the Licenses. Click on remove License tab (shown as – License).


  4. Enter the quantity of Licenses which needs to be removed, in the Quantity to Remove box as shown below and then click on Remove License


  5. Click on Update Device tab on the next page. Once you click on Update Device, the Licenses will move to License Pool under LiMAN.


  6. Go back to LiMAN page.

  7. Click on the Controller serial number on which you need to add the Licenses. Click on add License tab (shown as + License).


  8. Enter the quantity of License which needs to be added, in the Quantity to Add box as shown below and then click on Add License.


  9. Click on Update Device tab on the next page. Once you click on Update Device, the Licenses will be added successfully.


  10. Once the Licenses are added to the Controller, kindly login to Controller GUI. Click on Administration > Licenses > SYNC NOW. It is necessary to SYNC the Controller with the License server to be able to see the licenses added recently.

  11. If the Controller is not connected to internet, download the License file from the Support Portal. Under LiMAN Portal, click on the serial number of Controller > Click on Download License tab as shown below:


  12. After downloading the file, upload it to Controller. To upload the file to Controller, Login to GUI > Administration > Licenses > Upload File.


  13. After uploading the License file, click on Download License on the Controller GUI.


  14. Go back to the Support Portal, click on Controller serial number, then click on Upload License tab as shown below:




The Remove/Assign LiMAN License feature is only available within same product. Ex: SCI Licenses cannot be used on vSZ/SZ and vice-versa.

When Serial Number on a VM changes a grace period of 90 days should become active allowing time to execute the license RMA and transfer.


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