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This article provides information on the License warning messages on Virtual Controllers.


How to verify the expiration date of Default License/Support on vSCG/SZ ?

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vSCG & SZ are provided with default support and various feature license on a new installation, which comes with an expiration period of 90 Days from the date of installation. 

The below table contains the list of Default License features by product type.   

NameDescriptionDefault CapacityDefault Expiration Days
CAPACITY-AP-DEFAULTDefault AP Capacity License200010004-90days
CAPACITY-RXGW-DEFAULTDefault AP Direct Tunnel License2000100041000090days
CAPACITY-VSZD-DEFAULTDefault DP Capacity License--10-90days
CAPACITY-RWAG-DEFAULTDefault 3rd-Party AP Client License---10000090days
CAPACITY-RMNO-DEFAULTDefault 3GPP Tunnel License---10000090days
CAPACITY-DP-SNAT-DEFAULTDefault Data Plane NAT Session Capacity License--1-90days
CAPACITY-DP-SVDS-DEFAULTDefault Data Plane DHCP IP Capacity License--1-90days
CAPACITY-SPTN-DEFAULTDefault AP Split Tunnel Capacity License for vSZ100010005-90days
CAPACITY-SWITCH-DEFAULTDefault Switch Capacity License for vSZ4002044-90days
INSTANCE-VSCG-DEFAULTDefault Instance License for vSZ--1-90days
SUPPORT-EU-DEFAULTDefault End User Support License1-1-90days
SUP-SCG200-EU-DEFAULTDefault End User Support License for SCG2001---90days
SUP-S104-EU-DEFAULTDefault End User Support License for SZ-100/S104-1--90days
SUP-S124-EU-DEFAULTDefault End User Support License for SZ-100/S1241---90days
SUP-S144-EU-DEFAULTDefault End User Support License for SZ-100/S1441---90days
FEATURE-RMAP-DEFAULTDefault feature License to enable HLR---190days
FEATURE-SVCM-DEFAULTDefault feature license for CALEA--1-90days
SUP-SZ300-EU-DEFAULTDefault End User Support License for SZ3001---90days
FEATURE-FLEXIVPN-DEFAULTDefault feature license for Flexi-VPN--1-90days
FEATURE-URL-FILTERING-DEFAULTDefault feature license for URL Filtering1000100010000-90days
FEATURE-SVL3-DEFAULTDefault feature license for L3 Roaming--1-90days

The virtual controllers display a warning message when the appliance is nearing the support expiration date. 
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Refer Article Number : 000008351 for URL Filtering Licenses Expire in nn Days - SZ Banner Warning.  
Expiration of the default license on the vSCG/SZ causes a network outage.

The default warning messages disappear from the GUI upon activating the permanent license and syncing/uploading the license to the impacted virtual controller. 

The permanent license can be purchased through Ruckus Value Added Partners or Ruckus Distributors. (refer below table for the part numbers)

Types of Capacity & Feature License
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Once the license are purchased the license needs to be activated and synced with the License Server, please refer below articles for License Activation on vSCG/SZ.

How to activate RTU and AP Licenses on vSCG/vSZ, vSPOT, SCI    -
Adding AP Licenses on the virtual controllers from LiMAN portal -

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