New Ruckus Networks Support Portal Search Engine on 1 March 2020

The Ruckus Networks Support Portal was enhanced with new search technology on Monday, 1 March 2020.  The new search engine indexes content from the following content sources, aggregating them into a single, unified search result:

  • Documentation
  • Forum Discussions
  • Knowledge Articles
  • Security Bulletins
  • Software Downloads
  • Videos

The new search engine leverages the latest technology in natural language processing, machine learning, and AI-driven algorithms, which work best with more input.  Use four or more keywords to describe your issue or question for the best-possible search results.  

Searching with these specific types of keywords will improve your search accuracy:

  1. Product names, including hardware, software or cloud platform names, hardware model numbers, and software build versions
  2. Tasks-based keywords like install, upgrade, downgrade, configure, administer, monitor, troubleshoot, etc.
  3. Content-specific keywords like error or log message IDs or values, feature names, command names, configuration options, etc.

New Content Sources

Security Bulletins and Videos are new content sources that were not available from the legacy search engine:

Toggle Between Legacy and New Search Experiences

With this upgrade, we have also updated search links so that search touchpoints across the site now query the new search engine.  The browse/filter experience remains in place, including the text-based filtering “search” within DOCUMENTATION and DOWNLOADS.  The “try NEW advanced search” links offer you the opportunity to use the new search, and similarly the “back to original search” links return you to the existing functionality.

NOTE the new search defaults to TABLE view which includes a Version column.


Try out the new search functionality---we’re confident that you’ll find it superior to the legacy search capabilities!

New Search Filters and Views

The new search engine includes three filtering options, and four ways to customize your search experience.

You can filter your search results by selecting (checking off) one or more Content Sources, Product Families, and/or Products.  As you apply one or more filters, the search results will narrow and refresh based on your selections.  You may select multiple filters as desired, although if you apply too many simultaneous filters you risk narrowing your search results to zero possible matches.  If that happens, simply “back up” by unchecking some of the filters you applied; as you do so, the search results will broaden and refresh again.  
In general, we recommend starting with your keyword search, and using one or two Content Source filters.  Then apply Product Family or Product filters based on the nature of your specific question.  

You can view search results in two sets of views:

•    LIST View vs. TABLE View


•    RELEVANCE Sort vs. DATE Sort



At the bottom of the search results page, you may also select options to display more search results per page, with options for 10, 25, 50, and 100 results per page.  You can also advance through search results pages. 


Forums Content More Accessible in Main Menu

We also updated the site’s main menu buttons, by replacing the previous PRODUCTS link with a FORUMS link.  That link now takes you directly into the Categories view of our customer discussions, in order to provide quicker access to peer-to-peer support discussions.  The individual product family links remain available on the home page, which you can return to using the Ruckus logo from any page on the Support Portal. 

Old (Current Production):

New (Current UAT, will replace Current Production above):


Feedback and Suggestions

Your feedback is critical to the success of this new search engine.  Please share your thoughts and questions, issues and suggestions in our customer forum dedicated to Community & Online Support Services.

Thank you!

John, Allan, Loree, Michael, Buavan, Andrew, Matt, Anasuya, Padmavati, Roopa, Nideesh

Knowledge Management - Customer Service & Support Operations team
Customer Experience Technologies - IT Shared Services team
Ruckus Networks, A CommScope Company

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