RUCKUS Forums Migration Update - 24 Feb 2022

24 February 2022

Our post-go-live RUCKUS Community improvements work continues.  This week we have:

  • Updated navigational links on the Support Portal home page to point to
  • Updated our search engine to index the content of the new Community
  • Updated back-end analytics to help with Community management
  • Redirects from the old posts to the newly-migrated Community content are still in-progress, but should be in place in the next few days
If you experience any issues, please start a thread in the Community and Online Support Services board and we'll investigate the problem.


17 February 2022

The RUCKUS Community data migration completed successfully by ~6:30am PST on Thursday, 17 February 2022.  The Community is now available, including all legacy content/data, and is no longer in read-only mode. 

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through this migration.  Now we can begin to leverage the full capabilities of the new Community platform---so keep an eye our for more improvements and changes, which will be coming! =)


16 February 2022

The RUCKUS Community data migration for legacy forums content and user data will begin tonight, Wednesday 16 February 2022 at 10:00pm PST and should conclude at approximately 8:30am PST on Thursday, 17 February 2022. 

During this maintenance window, the production RUCKUS Community at will be in READ-ONLY mode. 

The legacy Forums at have been in READ-ONLY mode since 31 January and will remain in READ-ONLY mode until they are decommissioned.  Legacy Forums links and content will be redirected to the new RUCKUS Community after the production data migration completes.


11 February 2022

I'm in the process of doing data validation for the forums content migration this afternoon, and things are looking pretty good.  The user account migration data is all validated and complete. 

The Support Portal headers will be published to the community home page on Monday, and some other UI/UX modules will be added to the right-nav at the same time, in order to help with finding related posts. 

I'll update the page here with more details early next week.


3 February 2022

Details about the migration process appear below.

1 February 2022

RUCKUS Networks has begun to migrate our existing forums into a new, upgraded community platform, starting on Wednesday, 5 January 2022:

  • The new community platform is hosted at the URL of and is integrated within the RUCKUS Support Portal’s single-sign-on (SSO) authentication process.  Please update your bookmarks accordingly.  The new URL will be accessible on 2 or 3 February 2022.
  • The new community content categories and topics will be identical to the old forums, leveraging the reorganization work done in the summer of 2021 to simplify the community structure.
  • New Q&A posts can be posted at as soon as the new platform is available. 

All existing content at became READ-ONLY on 31 January 2022, and will remain accessible in a READ-ONLY format through 4 February 2022: 

  • READ-ONLY means that you will not be able to create new discussion topics or to update existing conversations in the legacy forums beginning on 31 January 2022.  This includes internal RUCKUS employees as well as external customers and partners.  Full search of the existing content will remain available.
  • All existing legacy forums content---Q&A posts as well as user accounts, user avatars, images, etc.---will be migrated from the old forum to the new community by mid-February 2022.

Some aspects of the UI/UX presentation and redesign in the new platform are still being worked, and will finalize over February and March, so please be patient as we work “under construction” and check back regularly for new updates and changes.  

If you have questions about the new community or would like to offer feedback on the new platform after its launch, please post in the Community and Online Services board at



Allan T. Grohe Jr.
Knowledge Management Program Director
for RUCKUS Customer Services & Support

OLD Forums to NEW Community Mapping

This table provides a mapping between the old discussion topics from to their new homes in

Old Forums Topic Name/URL
New Community Board Name/URL
RUCKUS Technologies RUCKUS Technologies 
RUCKUS ServicesRUCKUS Community
  • new community (wasn't in Forums)
RUCKUS Technical Family CommunitiesRUCKUS Technical Family
EOL ProductsRUCKUS EOL Products

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