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vSZ-D (GA) Software Release (.ximg image)

This virtual SmartZone-Data plane (vSZ-D) system (GA) consists of:

     - vSZ-D System version

Filename:  vdp- upgrade image

Read SmartZone 5.1 (GA) Release Notes at This Link.

2018-11-29 01:14:42 PM
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vSZ-D (GA) Software Release (.ximg image)

Virtual SmartZone-Dataplane (vSZ-D)

The Ruckus Virtual SmartZone-Dataplane (vSZ-D) is available on the vSZ platform and offers organizations more flexibility in deploying the SZ dataplane as needed in an NFV architechture-aligned fashion.   Deploying vSZ-D offers secured tunneling of user data traffic that encrypts payload traffic, maintains flat network topology, enables mobility across L2 subnets, supports POS data traffic for PCI compliance, and offers differentiated per site policy control and QoS, etc.

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