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RUCKUS SmartZone 6.0 (GA) New AP Model Bundle for T350c Access Point (b1610)

RUCKUS SmartZone GA Controller (SZ-100, SZ300,vSZ-E, vSZ-H).

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This AP Bundle refresh (b1610) will add T350c AP modelsupport to SmartZone R6.0 (GA) Controllers. (SZ-100, SZ300, vSZ-E, vSZ-H).

Please review the RUCKUS SmartZone 6.0 (GA) Access Point Release Notes for T350c AP before applying the patch.

2021-05-24 11:16:11 AM
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RUCKUS SmartZone 6.0 (GA) New AP Model Bundle for T350c Access Point (b1610)


The T350c is an 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6, 2x2:2 Outdoor AP with MU-MIMO.  The T350c is an optimized Outdoor AP in its class - enabling multiple use cases of outdoor deployments.  It is an omni-directional internal antenna AP, perfect for outdoor deployments where Wi-Fi access is needed like Stadiums, Smart Cities, Large Public Venues, Campgrounds, Schools and other outdoor areas.  The AP supports temperatures down to -20C, making it a good fit for moderately cold weather deployments where Wi-Fi is still critical.

It is powered through standard PoE (802.3af/at).  The T350c enables multiple use cases, yet retains a sleek, compact form factor - atypical for an outdoor AP.  The T350c can be deployed as standalone, or managed by ZoneDirector or SmartZone controllers.

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