Running Iperf to cross-check SpeedFlex test results


This article explains how to run Iperf if a customer would like to cross-check SpeedFlex results.


How can I cross-check SpeedFlex results using the freely available Iperf tool?

Customer Environment

ZoneDirector managed wireless network, APs, vSZ, SZ


SpeedFlex embeds ZAP performance measurement tool. ZAP is made open source and any networking vendor can embed it into their product to let their customers use it. Source code is available for a download at

Brief description of how ZAP works internally is explained in the Quick Start Guide downloadable at

Irrespective of this non-proprietariness some customers may want to cross-check the SpeedFlex results with a 3rd party tool such as widely popular Iperf.

If that is what you want, below is the way to go:
1. Download the Iperf tool from (current version is 2.0.5-3)
2. Unzip into a local folder. This folder will have iperf.exe which needs to be run from command line.
3. You need two laptops with Iperf on it. One will act as a server and other will be a client (doesn't matter which is what).
4. Connect one laptop to the wired network.
5. Connect other laptop to the wireless network (if you want to measure speed on wireless side) or to the wired network (if you want to measure speed on wire side).
6. On the server side, run "iperf.exe -s" command. The process will go into listening mode for client connections.
7. On the client side, run "iperf.exe -c <server_machine_laptop>" command. Speed test will be initiated and you will see the results after approximately 10 seconds.
8. Default test will use TCP traffic. If you would rather prefer a UDP test, please run "iperf.exe -u -s" command on the server side and "iperf.exe -u -c <server_machine_laptop>" command on the client side.

All the available command options can be explored through "iperf.exe -h" command. There are several Iperf tutorials online to go deep into Iperf based testing. One such good example site is

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