How to install engineering patch diagnostic scripts (.KSP) for SCG / vSZ / SZ


This article explains how to install an engineering patch diagnostic script on the SCG / vSCG / SZ controller platform


How do I install an engineering patch diagnostic script (.KSP) file for SCG / vSZ / SZ ?

Customer Environment

Customer operates a Ruckus SmartCell, SmartZone or Virtual SmartZone Controller

Root Cause

Occasionally, an engineering patch is provided to customers prior to next official FW release with fix included.


Ruckus engineering may, from time to time, release a diagnostic script (KSP) to modify the operation of software installed on a SmartCell (SCG), SmartZone (SZ) or Virtual SmartZone (vSZ) controller. These scripts are specific to the version of software running on the controller, so take care to ensure your version is supported by the KSP you have.

The KSP file you receive should be uploaded to each node in the cluster, by following these steps on the Web UI:

1. From the Administration menu, select Diagnostics.
2. Select the Diagnostic Scripts option from the menu on the left hand side.
3. Click the Browse button under the Upload Diagnostic Script menu and select the KSP from your local disk.
4. Upload the script, whereafter the script will be visible in upload section.

Once the script has been successfully uploaded to the controller, you need to run it by following these instructions:

1. Initiate an ssh session to the management IP of each node, accessing the CLI.
2. Login using the admin credentials.
3. Enter the enable command, followed by the enable password.
4. Enter the debug command, followed by the diagnostic command.
5. List all uploaded scripts by executing the show diagnostic-script command:

SCG-2-C(debug-diagnostic)# show diagnostic-script
               No.   Name                Description                      
               ----- ------------------- -----------------------------    
               1     "script_name"       "description of patch"                            

6. Once you have determined the name of the script, execute it by issuing the execute command, followed by the script name:

SCG-2-C(debug-diagnostic)# execute script_name 

7. Exit from the CLI by issuing the exit command.

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