How to install engineering patch diagnostic scripts (.KSP) for SCG / vSZ / SZ


This article explains how to install an engineering patch diagnostic script on the SCG / vSCG / SZ controller platform


How do I install an engineering patch diagnostic script (.KSP) file for SCG / vSZ / SZ ?

Customer Environment

Customer operates a Ruckus SmartCell, SmartZone or Virtual SmartZone Controller

Root Cause

Occasionally, an engineering patch is provided to customers prior to next official FW release with fix included.


A  KSP is released mainly because the customer can not wait for next upgradable image and needs a Patch immediately for the current reported problem
It is highly recommended to confirm that the KSP you upload is compatible with the current environment
These scripts are specific to the version of software running on the controller, so take care to ensure your version is supported by the KSP you have.
The ER in which the KSP has been mapped and the supported version or versions are very much clear from the naming convention used for a KSP release

You can upload a KSP package from:
  1. Diagnostics >> Scripts >> Patch/Diagnostic Scripts
  2. Use the "Browse" option to choose the KSP file from the local file system
  3. Click Upload
  4. Once the script has been successfully uploaded to the controller, choose the script from the box under "System Uploaded Patch Scripts"
  5. Click "Apply Patch"
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