SmartZone Pre-check Scripts for Data Migration Upgrades


This script extends SZ upgrade process monitor, to allow more time for data migration pre-check.


How to allow more time for Data Migration pre-check?

Customer Environment

SCG-200 managing high count of APs, large number of domains, and specifying Data Migration with SZ firmware upgrade.

Root Cause

Uploading controller image starts a monitor timer with default 10 minute limit, that may abort upgrade attempt. This script extends the timeout to pre-check data migration setup before the code upgrade.

Troubleshooting Steps

Before uploading any new version of controller firmware, read the Release Notes.   (SZ 3.2.1)


Instructions on applying the Upload Pre-Check Timeout script begins on page 19 of the Release Notes.   (SZ 3.2.1).

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The SmartZone Upload Pre-check Timeout Script is available on Support download page.

This script can be run on any 3.0.x and 3.1.1+ versions of SmartZone.

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