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SmartZone 6.1.0 (GA) Public API Reference Guide (SZ300)

To view the SZ300 Public API Reference Guide for SZ 6.1.0 (GA) visit:

2021-12-30 05:40:37 AM
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Applicable To The Following Products

SmartZone 300 (SZ300)

The SmartZone 300 (SZ300) Flagship Large Scale WLAN Controller is designed for Service Provider and Large Enterprises, which prefer to use appliances. The Carrier Grade platform supports N+1 Active/Active clustering, comprehensive integrated management functionality, high performance operations and flexibility to address many different implementation scenarios.

The SZ300 supports up to 10,000 AP and 100,000 Clients per unit and 30,000 AP and 300,000 Clients per 3+1 Active/Active Cluster, and runs SmartZone 3.5+ release firmware.

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