Ruckus Networks Documentation, Support, Licensing, and Education FAQs

These FAQS are intended to help ICX/FastIron customers locate ICX/FastIron software, documentation, licensing, and training materials on the Ruckus website.

Documentation-related FAQs

Support-related FAQs

Licensing-related FAQs
Education-related FAQs

Documentation-related FAQs

Where can I find documentation for active Ruckus ICX and FastIron products?

Go to the Ruckus ICX Campus Switches and Network Advisor landing page. From this landing page, select your Ruckus ICX product to open a full listing of all ICX/FI FastIron releases that support the given product.  The documents on Ruckus product pages are organized by release version in descending order. NOTE: You will need a Ruckus Support account to download software and documents from the site. To register for a Ruckus Support account, go to the Ruckus Support Registration page.

Where can I find the documentation for end-of-life Ruckus ICX, FastIron, and Mobility products?

For end-of-life Ruckus ICX or FastIron documentation go to the EOL FastIron Products landing page.  For end-of-life Mobility products go to the EOL Mobility Products page. The documents on Ruckus product pages are organized by release version in descending order. From these landing pages, select your product to open a full listing of all releases that support the given product. End-of-Life notices are available on all EOL product pages. NOTE: You will need a Ruckus Support account to download software and documents from the site. To register for a Ruckus Support account, go to the Ruckus Support Registration page.

How do I find the complete set of documentation or software releases for my product?

  1. Login to the Ruckus Networks Support Portal.
  2. Click the Downloads button in the Support Portal page menu.
  3. From the Software Downloads page, use the search box to search for software based on the software name, product name, or software release version. You can also select a specific product page by using the Choose A Product menu.  All documents, release notes, and firmware are displayed on the page in chronological order by release version. The Show Version filter can be used to display only the documentation or downloads for a major release.
  4. Select the name of the software you need, and then click the Download Software button.  Information on the download page sometimes includes links to release notes or other special instructions. The MD5 checksum value can be used to validate the integrity of the downloaded software file.

Where can I send feedback to request changes, make suggestions, or ask questions about documentation?

You can email your comments to Ruckus at When contacting us, please include the following information:

  • Document title and release number
  • Document part number (on the cover page)
  • Page number (if appropriate)

Support-related FAQs

Where do I find data sheets and other product-related documentation for my Ruckus ICX switch?

To find data sheets for Ruckus ICX products:

  1. Go to the Ruckus ICX Family Switches page.
  2. Click the Ruckus ICX model that corresponds to your product.
  3. Click the Documents tab.
Scroll down to the Data Sheets section, where all available data sheets for the Ruckus ICX model that you selected are posted.

In the Support Portal, each Product Support Page provides a one-stop-shop for all available support content for each product family, broken down by tabs for each content source:  Documents, Downloads, KB Articles, and Forum Topics.  A video overview in the About > Video Site Tour page demonstrates how to use the Product Support Pages.

Where do I find support or troubleshooting information?

For product support information and details on contacting the Support team, go directly to the Ruckus Support Portal or go to the Ruckus site and select Support.

How can I contact Support?

You can contact Support at The available support channels include case management (for support cases and RMAs), live chat, and discussion forums (for peer-to-peer support).  Live chat, cases, and RMAs engage the Support team directly.

How do I open and manage my cases on the Ruckus Support Portal?

You can open and manage your case at Ruckus Case Management.   We also have a video available at About > Video Site Tour that walks you through the case opening process.

How do I access the forums on the Ruckus Support Portal?

To access the Ruckus Community forums, go to .  The Support Forums all allow read-access to discussions.  You will need to sign in to your Ruckus Support Portal account to comment or to begin a new discussion in the forums. A new ICX Campus Switches and General Switching Questions forum has been created to provide dedicated space for ICX and switching discussions.  

Where can I find KB articles for Ruckus ICX products and FastIron releases? 

To find knowledge base articles for Ruckus ICX and FastIron releases:

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box, enter your ICX model or FastIron release. Alternatively, click the ICX model under Browse By Product on the right sidebar.
You can also access KB articles, technical documentation, and download softwarea and release notes for ICX products under each product. All knowledge base articles related to the ICX model or FastIron release that you searched for appear on the page.

I’m an existing or new customer. How do I create an account on the Ruckus Support Portal?

If you are a new customer, go to to sign up for a Ruckus Support account.

If you are an existing Brocade Campus customer (with a MyBrocade account), follow the “Account Migration Process from” instructions on the Brocade Integration web page at

How do I get help to reset my password, resolve access issues, or solve other problems with my Ruckus Support Portal account?

Go to the Contact Us page at to chat with one of our live Support Operators, or open an Administration case through the Case Management page at

Licensing-related FAQs

Technical Documentation for ICX Campus Switch Licensing

The FastIron 08.0.61 Software Licensing Guide is located at

The 08.0.61 version of the document still references legacy Brocade processes and tools to access and download your license.  Please disregard those steps in the process.  The remainder of the document still provides essential reference information for ICX Campus Switch customers after you have downloaded your license from the Ruckus Networks Support Portal, and have the license file in-hand.

The FastIron 08.0.70 Software Licensing Guide will address the changes to the license download process on the Ruckus Networks Support Portal.

Legacy Brocade Software Licensing Portal

The data from the legacy Brocade Software Licensing Portal has been migrated into the Ruckus Networks Support Portal’s suite of licensing tools.  All previously-issued licenses for ICX Campus Switches BNA Network Advisor products are available. 

Customers and partners who previously used the Brocade Software Licensing Portal to manage their licenses will now use the Ruckus Networks Support Portal’s licensing tools to perform those tasks.

Getting Started in the Ruckus Licensing Portal as a Legacy Brocade Customer or Partner

  1.  To clarify the Licensing terminology
  2. Legacy Brocade Term
    Ruckus Networks Term
    Transaction Key = TK Activation Code Ruckus uses the Activation Code and either the Ruckus product serial number or the Brocade product serial number to bind the license to the product.
    License ID = LID N/A
    LID/License ID is a legacy Brocade term referring to an encrypted form of the serial number.  LIDs are not used in the Ruckus Networks licensing process.

  3. To clarify Licensing functionality

    1. Brocade Transaction Keys are recognized when entered into Ruckus Networks Activation Code fields.

    2. Both Brocade product serial numbers and Ruckus Networks product serial numbers are recognized in Ruckus serial number fields. 

    3. Brocade LIDs/License ID are not recognized in the Ruckus Activate Code fields or the Ruckus serial number fields.

  4. How to find Licensing Information in the Ruckus Networks Support Portal

    Self-service look-up functionality in the Ruckus Networks Support Portal allows customers to look up Activation Codes (and legacy Brocade Transaction Keys) using Ruckus Networks or Brocade product serial numbers.

    1. Login to Support Portal.

    2. Click on the blue Download Licenses button in right-nav, or, from the header bar beside the Login button, navigate to Assets > License Purchases. 

    3. All purchased Activation Code licenses are displayed:  both activated licenses and pending/inactive licenses.

    If a customer or partner only has the Brocade License ID (LID) available, Customer Support can also look up the product’s Activation Code for a customer.
  5. Download License files from the Ruckus Networks Support Portal

    In the Ruckus Networks process, after a license/entitlement is activated, the license file is generated and available to download from the Support Portal within 30 minutes (it is generally faster than 30 minutes).  

    Previously under the legacy Brocade license process, emails were sent containing attached license files.  No emails or email attachments are sent using the new process. 

Troubleshooting Issues in the Ruckus Licensing Portal

If you encounter any of the following errors in the Ruckus Licensing Portal’s suite of tools, Contact Customer Support to resolve them:

  1. "Code Registration Error"
  2. "You don’t have access to the asset"
  3. "This code is registered"
  4. "The port count has been exceeded"
  5. "The License Port Start Count not Matching with Asset Total AP Count"
  6. "No Asset in RKUS SF"

Education-related FAQs

What training is available?

To access a variety of online Ruckus training modules, including free introductory courses to wireless networking essentials, site surveys, and Ruckus products, visit the Ruckus Training Portal at

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