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Brocade Customers and Partners

Welcome to the Ruckus Support Portal.  The ICX Family Switches (including FastIron and TurboIron Switches) and support for the Motorola Mobility products have been successfully transitioned to Ruckus Networks, an Arris company.  The Support Portal provides tools, information, and resources to help you successfully install, configure, upgrade, deploy, administer, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain your Ruckus wired and wireless network products, associated hardware and software licenses, and support contracts.    The links below provide detail about:

Account migration process from my.brocade.com

As of 27 November 2017 at 12:01am PST, your customer accounts from my.brocade.com have been migrated to the Ruckus Support Portal (and partner accounts to the Ruckus Partner Portal).  In order to complete your account migration, please follow this process:

  1. Enter the email address from your my.brocade.com account in the Ruckus Support Portal login page; this will validate your account against our database of my.brocade.com accounts:
    1. If your account exists in the database of my.brocade.com users but you have never previously logged into the Ruckus Support Portal (or Ruckus Partner Portal), you must reset your password.  This will link your old account to your new password.
    2. The password reset will generate an automated email from cservice@ruckuswireless.com to the email address in your my.brocade.com account.  You need this email in order to complete your password reset process.  Please check your spam or junk folders if you can’t find this email, as it is required for you to access your account.  If you delete the email, you can re-trigger the email notification by following the login/password reset process again.
  2. The email will provide you a link to reset your password on the Ruckus Support Portal.  You will enter a new password and confirm it.  After the new password is accepted you will be taken to the Support Portal home page, and a green banner message will display below the search box:  "Your password has been reset.  You are logged in."  
  3. Once your password reset is complete, access to the Ruckus Support Portal is immediately available.

Customers with already-existing accounts can login normally and will not be required to reset your password.  New customers without either an existing Ruckus Support Portal account or an existing my.brocade.com account can register for a new account through the standard registration process

Ruckus Networks Documentation, Support, Licensing, and Education FAQs

FAQs for Ruckus Networks Technical Documentation, Support, Licensing, and Education are available on a separate page at https://support.ruckuswireless.com/ruckus-networks-documentation-support-education-faqs.

How to Contact Support

The Customer Services and Support (CSS) organization is available to provide assistance to customers with active warranties on their Ruckus wired and wireless products, as well to customers and partners with active support contracts.

Self-Service Resources Available on the Support Portal

The Support Portal offers a number of tools to help you to research and resolve problems with your Ruckus products, including:

  1. Technical Documentation
  2. Community Forums (a product-focused category view is also available, as is the new ICX Campus Switches and General Switching Questions discussion forum)
  3. Knowledge Base Articles
  4. Software Downloads and Release Notes
  5. Security Bulletins
  6. Contact Support to Open a Case

Using these resources will help you to resolve some issues, and will provide TAC with additional data from your troubleshooting analysis if you still require assistance through a support case or RMA.

Access to some Knowledge Base Articles, all Software Downloads and Release Notes, and all Security Bulletins are available only to customers and partners with active warranties or support contracts. Technical Documentation and Community Forums are readable by all customers and partners; to post questions or comments to the Community Forums requires a Ruckus Support Portal account.

Validating Your Product Warranty or Support Contract Coverage

To confirm whether your Ruckus product is currently covered under an active product warranty or support contract, use the Warranty Checker tool, which will validate the status of both warranties and support contracts.

Customers With Active Warranties or Support Contracts

For customers with active warranties or support contracts on your Ruckus products, please login to your Ruckus Support Portal account, and visit the Contact Support page at https://support.ruckuswireless.com/contact-us.

From the Contact Support page, you can request assistance using these channels:

The Community Forums offer peer-based support, while Chat, Cases, and RMAs engage TAC directly.

Customers Without Active Warranties or Support Contracts

Access to some Knowledge Base Articles, all Software Downloads and Release Notes, Chat, Cases, and RMA support is available only to customers and partners with active support contracts.

For customers without active warranties or support contracts on your Ruckus Networks products, you can request assistance through the self-service channels identified above.

Support Contract Renewals
If you are a Ruckus customer and would like to renew your existing Ruckus support contract, please contact your Ruckus reseller. If you aren't sure who your reseller is, please email us at renewals@ruckuswireless.com

If you are a Ruckus reseller or distributor and would like to check on the renewal opportunities for your customers, you can view opportunities and get renewals quotes in the Ruckus Wireless Partner Portal at https://partners.ruckuswireless.com/sf/connect?page=renewals


Your legacy activation and license codes from the Brocade Software Portal are usable in the Ruckus Support portal licensing tools.  These tools include:

  • Activate Purchase - use to activate licenses and support purchases for ICX, FastIron, TurboIron, and Motorola Mobility products
  • Download Licenses - use to download generated license files for ICX, FastIron, TurboIron, and Motorola Mobility products
  • Temporary License Request - use to request a temporary license for ICX, FastIron, TurboIron, and Motorola Mobility products

Each tool includes user-friendly instructions on its main web page.  

Licensing-specific FAQs are available on the Integration FAQs page.


Ruckus Training provides the knowledge and skills needed to optimize your organization's investment in Ruckus technology. With our eLearning and Instructor-Led courses, you’ll be making a long-term investment in your career. Ruckus Training offers a complete, frequently updated portfolio of courses. Demonstrate your understanding of industry-leading technology—and your real-world implementation expertise—with a Ruckus accreditation or certification. Learn more on the Training page.

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