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vSZ 3.4 (GA) Software Release (ESXi / AWS .ova image)

This virtual SmartZone (vSZ) system version (GA) consists of:

     - vSZ System version
     - Control Plane version
     - Data Plane firmware version
     - AP firmware version

vscg- install image

MD5 Checksum: 8e1564b8bb934736385425c7d2a3aff6

Platform: VMware ESXi 5.5+ and Amazon Web Service (AWS)

The minimum system requirements forthe VM on which you are upgrading vSZ may have increased from the previous version.

Before upgrading vSZ, verify that the virtual machine meets the latest minimum system requirements as described in Release Notes.


See Virtual SmartZone Resource Update Pre-Upgrade Script, re: Release Notes page 33.

See Virtual SmartZone Data Migration Upload Pre-Check Timeout Script, re: Release Notes page 35.

A WISPr data protection Script to prevent chunked data issues should be applied after SZ 3.4 upgrade on all cluster nodes. 

See How to Load an engineering patch/upgrade .ksp file Here.