What is a license used for?
In Ruckus terms, a license is a group of files that expands the capacity of a controller to add more Access Points. For example, a ZD 1106 has six licenses out of the box, meaning it can connect to up to six Access Points. If you want to connect to 25 Access Points, you must purchase a 19-AP license upgrade to make this controller a ZD 1125 controller.

What is a support contract?
A support contract is a paid subscription for a Ruckus Networks product, for a specified time frame. This paid subscription provides access to technical support, firmware downloads, premium self-service content, and advance replacement RMA on the product.

What is an entitlement file?
If you have upgraded to 9.8.1 firmware and above for controllers, you might see a warning message on your controller's dashboard. This KB article explains how to apply an entitlement file which will dismiss this message.

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