Ruckus ICX 7550 Campus Switches

  • ICX7550 Switches - front image
    ICX7550 Switches - front image

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Ruckus ICX 7550 Campus Switch

The CommScope Ruckus ICX 7550 switch delivers the premium performance and scalability required for Wi-Fi 6 deployments and beyond with up to 48 ports of multigigabit connectivity and full 90 watts of 802.3bt PoE power per port.  It offers market-leading stacking density with up to 12 switches (up to 576 gigabit, multigigabit or fiber ports) per stack and combines chassis-level performance with “pay as you grow” scalability of a stackable solution. The mid-market stackable switch is one of the first in its class to offer 100 GbE uplinks, enabling enterprises to dramatically increase their network capacity while using their existing optical wire infrastructure.

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RUCKUS ICX FastIron 08.0.95n (GA) Software Release (.zip)

Ruckus ICX software currently has two recommended release types; Stability and Technology.

Stability Release: This is for customers where stability is of utmost importance. This release may not contain every feature available for your product.

Technology Release: This is for customers looking to utilize the maximum feature set available for your product.

We recommend most customers utilize the Stability Release if it contains all needed features for your network. A Technology Release is recommended if your network requires newer features not available in the Stability Release.



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Technical Support Bulletins

ID Title Version Release Date Edit Date
TSB-2022-001 FastIron 09.0.00 and 09.0.10 ‐ Risk of Filesystem Corruption 1.0 2022-02-16
TSB-2022-003 7550 RPS22 power supply interaction with offline and line interactive type UPSs. 1.0 2022-06-14
TSB-2022-002 ICX Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Feature – Possible extended delay (DEFECT # FI-252471/FI-255309) 1.0 2022-06-01
TSB-2022-004 SSH Service Disconnection 1.0 2022-08-11
TSB-2023-004 AAA login default action 1.0 2023-07-10
TSB-2021-002 After upgrading to 8.0.95c, stack port does blocks traffic 2021-04-02

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