Activate Support/Licenses for your Ruckus Wireless Product

The following procedure explains how to activate support and/or licenses for your Ruckus Wireless product. This procedure assumes that you have received a Support Acknowledgement Agreement (SPA) email with a code to activate support and/or licenses. To understand the difference between support activation and license activation, read the FAQ.

  1. Log in to the Ruckus Wireless support site here.
    Note: If you are a partner or a reseller, log in with your email address.
  2. Have the serial numbers of your Ruckus Wireless product(s) ready.
  3. Open the Support Acknowledgement Agreement (SPA) email you received from Ruckus Wireless.
  4. Copy the activation code from that email.
  5. In Step 2 of the SPA email, click the "Here" link.
  6. In the "Code" field, paste the activation code and click Validate. A screen appears that shows the Ruckus Wireless product(s) you purchased.
    Note: The title of the "Code" field
     will change depending on if you are activating support or licenses.
  7. Click the Product Code for your purchase.
  8. Click Entitle Asset.
  9. In the screen that appears, paste the serial number of the product that is associated with your purchase, and click Submit.
    Note: If you have more than one serial number, continue to copy/paste these serial numbers into this field until you are finished.
  10. If you have additional products that need activation, click on the Activation Code at the top of the screen.
  11. Click the next product in the list and repeat the above procedure.

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