SmartCell Gateway 200 (SCG200)

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    SmartCell Gateway 200
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The SmartCell™ Gateway (SCG) 200 represents the first in a new category of scalable and versatile WLAN controllers with support for 3GPP compatible WLAN gateway functionality. It has been designed to eliminate the difficulties operators are experiencing with building and managing large-scale Wi-Fi RANs and integrating them into the mobile packet core. The latter is required for a truly scalable heterogeneous network (HetNet) deployment. Capabilities include:

Massively Scalable WLAN Controller
Support for WLAN Gateway Functionality per 3GPP Standards
Integrated Element Management System Support
Support for Hotspot 2.0 functionality

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Security Bulletins

ID Title Version Release Date Edit Date
20180427 SmartZone Security Best Practices for Network Security 1 April 28, 2018 April 28, 2018
20190815 TCP SACK Panic - Kernel Vulnerability (CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478, CVE-2019-11479) 1.2 August 15, 2019 January 08, 2020
20180203 Java JMX and RMI security vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-15708, CVE-2016-8735) 1 February 13, 2018 February 13, 2018
20180815 Linux Kernel TCP Reassembly Algorithm Remote DOS Vulnerability (CVE-2018-5390) 1.3 August 15, 2018 January 16, 2019
20180516 Ruckus SmartZone Sensitive Information Disclosure Vulnerability 1.1 May 16, 2018 May 22, 2018
20200302 Ruckus AP Image Upgrade Vulnerability 1.0 March 02, 2020 March 02, 2020
20231128 CVE-2023-49225: RUCKUS AP Stored Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability 1.0 November 29, 2023 November 29, 2023

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